From vineyard, to cellar, to glass — sommelier Adam Kruse is here to guide you.

From vineyard, to cellar, to glass — sommelier Adam Kruse is here to guide you.

Elegant architecture, endless amenities, breathtaking vineyard, and mountain views — while each is a memorable part of the Black Walnut experience, it is our warm, dedicated team who truly brings the Inn to life. Meet the individuals dedicated to making your stay unforgettable.

A single, memorable interaction is often the catalyst by which a holiday becomes an experience. A defining moment of high-touch, human interaction leaves a life-long impression, allowing us to revisit our favorite moments, and places, in our mind for years to come. And while views and amenities abound at Black Walnut Inn, what we’re most proud of is our warm, knowledgeable staff. Greeting the moment, rising to the occasion, and guiding guests on their Oregon Experience are part and parcel of what they do.

Our newest staff member, certified sommelier Adam Kruse, exhibits the spirit and exuberance for guest services in which we take pride. Although he hails from Northern Michigan, it was only a matter of time before Adam found himself in the Willamette Valley. As you will quickly discover when first you meet, his interests, and his career in food and wine, were positively tailor-made for Oregon. All he had to do was follow the 45th parallel.

A graduate of the Great Lakes Culinary Institute, Adam began his culinary and wine trajectory in the kitchen of another notable wine country inn — Black Star Farms. Adam gravitated toward winery and vineyard hospitality programs from the moment he set foot in his very first wine education class. His deep understanding of both wine and food serves as a remarkable, approachable touchstone for visitors to the Black Walnut wishing to connect the dots between our locally sourced, seasonal cuisine and the impressive selection of notable Oregon wines found in our cellar.

For those curious about all things vinous, Adam is at your service, ready to enchant you with both his wine pairings and his warm, enthusiastic demeanor.

Photography: Aubrie LeGault

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