Partner Spotlight: Even Pull Farm

Partner Spotlight: Even Pull Farm

The door swings open, and for just a split second it appears an army of carrot ferns is about to invade the Black Walnut kitchen. Menace morphs into gift, as we realize these brimming crates of farm fresh vegetables are attached to none other than Beth Satterwhite of Even Pull Farm.

Even Pull Farm outdoor

Beth and her husband, Erik Grimstad, are frequent, welcome visitors to this door. Their micro farm in McMinnville, just a stone’s throw from Black Walnut Inn, provides our cutting boards, hearth, and plates with a regular rotation of organically grown greens, microgreens, vegetables and herbs.

Even Pull Farm Beth Erik

Beth and Erik are first-generation farmers, drawn to the land after Beth completed a thesis on Community Supported Agriculture. And while CSA baskets and farmer’s market give them a seasonal boost, it is local chefs that have allowed them to find a truly sustainable rhythm. Selling to chefs gives Even Pull the latitude to experiment with new plantings, unusual varieties, and ingredients that may be too labor intensive or offbeat for the home cooks who receive their weekly CSA baskets.

Even Pull Farm greenhouse

Even Pull Farm is a natural fit for Black Walnut Inn. Like Black Walnut, Beth and Erik are passionate stewards of the land, farming thoughtfully so as to maintain soil vitality, support pollinators and other beneficial insects, and deliver a true Oregon experience to those who ultimately enjoy these vegetables they so carefully nurture. As Beth and Erik like to say, “What we stand for is what we stand on!” 

Back in the kitchen, chefs Chase and Zack dissect each beautiful, overflowing crate, musing over how best to transform these gifts from our valley. It’s a symbiotic relationship for certain — one in which each delivery brings joy to both customer, vendor, and guest. 

Even Pull Farm lettuce

Oregon is home to a wealth of doers and dreamers — those who worry less about making a living than they do about making a life. Quirky in the best sense of the word, headstrong when it counts, and passionately committed to the forests, fields, and vineyards we call home, Oregon’s farmers, foragers, and food artisans are the catalysts of many memorable moments for our guests. We’re proud to count Even Pull among them.

All images provided by Even Pull Farm