Chase Williams

Executive Chef

A number of extraordinary restaurants pepper the CV of our Chef, Chase Williams. From Mansion on Turtle Creek to The Painted Lady, he speaks passionately of his time in these kitchens and all he learned there. But his vision for your stay, and the meals you share with us, lies deeply rooted in a memory that predates his vaunted career.  

Chase’s first food memories took shape at the home of his great-grandmother, Bertha Matthis. Childhood summers spent in West Texas revolved around simple pleasures — selecting the perfect zucchini from Granny’s garden, snapping green beans in her kitchen, and jousting for the crispy, crackling fat cap on the pot roast. These fond, familial memories have guided his career, and his cuisine, ever since.

“For me, nostalgia is an ingredient,” says Chase. “Zach (his sous chef) and I lean towards foods we want to eat when we write menus. When everything comes together in one bite, it should feel like comfort food.” He proudly admits that his dishes hardly have the “look” of comfort food, however. They are sprinkled with ideas and flavors you might not expect — from the choux pastry cradling your eggs benedict, to the delicate herb oils that brighten a soup. 

Chase’s cuisine hints at the familiar, while being far from ordinary. Each plate evokes a fond moment in life, and acts as a wellspring for new ones.