Zack Ehrlich

Sous Chef

Where exactly does work end and the pursuit of enjoyment begin? For Sous Chef Zack Ehrlich, that line may not, in fact, exist. He loves what he does, and it shows. In Zack, culinary obsession reigns supreme. When he’s not cooking for you, or maybe partaking in a dish he and his mentor Chef Chase dreamt up, you can rest assured he’s researching food, talking about food, visiting local farms for inspiration, or simply imagining what, and when, he will cook next.

Although Zack was born and raised in Oregon, he possesses a world view that belies both his homegrown roots, and his age. “Every single culture sits together to share a meal. We’re in a position to facilitate that.” He tells us, “Food is the thing I can do to make people happy, make moments for people. We can make an impression on someone’s life in just one bite.”

Zack was just eight years old when he experienced the “ah-hah!” moment that would lead him towards this self-admittedly gratifying career. An older cousin sat him down at a sushi bar in Portland, where he took a bite of salmon nigiri. Mind blown, his fascination with all things culinary began. 

Fast forward a decade and then some, and here you’ll find Zack, busy researching, reveling in, and collaboratively creating both dishes and base ingredients in the Black Walnut kitchen. Whether serving up a new breakfast concept, plating a stunning dinner course, or prepping inventive ingredients behind the scenes, your meals and your memories are in capable hands with Zack in the kitchen.